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Dave Attell - Captain Miserable DVD

Captain Miserable Starring Dave Attell

by Suzanne 12/20/07

I was a fan of Dave Attell from his Comedy Central show, "Insomniac", where he traveled around to various cities and talked about their night life. That was a fun show, and he was great.

This is an HBO special, so he can get a lot more dirty and disgusting, which he does. Still, he's very funny if you don't mind that kind of thing (I don't). He had me and my husband laughing all the way through, tears coming out of our eyes. So I guess that was the proof of how funny it is.

I look forward to seeing more great comedy from Dave Attell!

I wasn't expecting many extras, but there are some deleted scenes (more jokes!) and "three hysterical bonus featurettes" One is a music festival, where Dave tells some jokes and runs into comedian Lewis Black. Another has part of Dave's tour of the Middle East. Lastly, he is on the "Booze Cruise", which has comedians and fans on a short cruise. They are fun extras. The main show where Dave tells jokes is the funniest, though.

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