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 Danny Phantom: Season One


  Review by Suzanne 9/6/11

This is a pretty fun and entertaining cartoon. I think kids of any age, as well as adults, would enjoy it. Danny is a kid that somehow gets turned partly into a ghost by this machine that his parents built. He has two friends, Tucker and Sam. Danny finds ghosts and captures them (and often fights them), ridding the world of pesty, angry ghosts. His friends help him. His parents are a little crazy and obsessed with finding ghosts, but they don't understand that they have one living with them now. He also has a sister. Danny tries to keep up in school but often gets in trouble because of his ghost-hunting activities.

There is a lot of action and always something going on, as well as witty jokes. This DVD has all 20 episodes from season one. It doesn't have any extras or features - kids' shows, I notice, often have none of those things. It doesn't even have closed-captioning, which is a shame. Otherwise, though, it's a good DVD to buy for your kids, or if you like animated shows, buy it for yourself! You will enjoy it.

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Updated 9/6/11  


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