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Dance Moms: Season 2

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 1/7/13

This is a two-disk set, and I hate when they split up one season like this. It just  means we pay twice as much for one season. It would be one thing if there were a lot of extras or features, but there aren't. So there's no justification for it at all aside from greed.

Further, this disk set has something I've never seen before. The case is a one-disk type of case, but it holds 3 disks together. I'm not sure if that's a very good way to hold the disks.... it looks kind of cheap.

This show is a reality show about a dance studio in Pennsylvania called Abby Lee Dance Studio. I can't say enough how much I dislike Abby Lee. She is this fat, loud, bossy bitch of a woman that is very mean to the little girls in her dance studio and their mothers. Now, the mothers are adults, and many of them deserve it, but the kids sure don't. I really don't believe that kids have to be bullied in order to learn how to dance. This woman is truly horrible and it makes me sick to watch this show.

Now, I don't like reality shows, anyway, so you may enjoy it more than I do.  The dancing parts are fun to watch (when Abby is not yelling at them).  When they go to the dance competitions, that is kind  of fun as well.  And also, since it is a reality show, it's possible that none of this is real. They are all actors putting on a show, and she is not really being mean and horrible to the children and their parents. How can we tell? We can't. Reality shows are not "reality" at all.

Along with the 25 episodes and 2 reunion episodes, the disks only have a few extras. There are some deleted scenes (what they call "bonus footage") and one episode of Abby's new show "Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition". That show is very different. It is more of a competition show where 12 boy and girl dancers compete to get a scholarship to a prestigious dance academy. Abby is one of the three judges.

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Page updated 1/19/13

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