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 Dallas: The Movie Collection


  Review by Suzanne 4/1/11

I always loved "Dallas". I watched it from the first episode to the last, which was not always easy back in the days of no VCR's or DVR's or even cable (for the most of us).  I watched it every Friday night. It was a great soap, and both Dallas and Dynasty brought primetime soaps back to life. They are probably responsible, in some ways, for the way primetime dramas are today. They didn't used to be serialized and have stories about romance the way they do now. Although early 80's shows like St. Elsewhere and Hill St. Blues started the trend to bring soap opera-like elements into regular shows, I like to think they did it because of Dallas and Dynasty. They realized that if you do serialized shows, people are more likely to keep watching.  Which is funny, because the first season of Dallas was not really that serialized. The episodes were more self-contained.

Anyway, this is a good collection for any "Dallas" fan to have. It has all of the Dallas movies they made, including the prequel "The Early Years", where they recast the characters as younger people, and the two reunion movies they did "J.R. Returns" and "War of the Ewings". It also has the cast reunion and retrospective special they did, "Return to Southfork". This, and all of the seasons on DVD, should pretty much completely your Dallas least until they do the new reboot!

It really doesn't have any special features or bonus materials, but you don't need them, since you have the cast talking about the show, and plenty of clips, from "Return to Southfork".  You should definitely buy or rent this DVD set! I had great fun watching it.

More info:

Get ready for the upcoming DVD release of Dallas: The Movie Collection!

Synopsis: Big D gets even bigger with three movies and a cast reunion! From 1978 to 1991, the TV series Dallas grew legions of fans with compulsively watchable tales of greed, sex and schemes - most masterminded by smilin' J.R. Ewing (Larry Hagman), the double-dealing oilman folks love to hate. Dallas was so popular, it also spawned the four exciting pieces in this special collection, starting with a prequel (The Early Years) that sets the stage for the drama to come. The other three, starring Hagman and more beloved cast members, include reunion movies (J. R. Returns, The War of the Ewings) that plunge a wheeling-dealing J.R. into plots to take over Ewing Oil and a fascinating retrospective (Return to Southfork) brimming with clips, outtakes, and reminiscences from your favorite Dallas stars.

Available on DVD: April 12th Official URL WBshop "Trouble" Clip from The Early Years

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Updated 4/18/11  


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