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Dallas Season 12

Dallas: The Complete Twelfth Season

by Suzanne 1/19/10

I watched every episode, every season, of Dallas since it started in the 70's. So you have to believe me when I tell you that this was a good season, writing-wise. They found new and exciting ways to make us care about J.R., Bobby, Cliff, Sue-Ellen, and Ewing Oil. They brought in some good guest-stars, too.

The only weak part of the show this season, in my opinion, was watching J.R. on the chain gang (just a little ridiculous) and being with Cally, who was young enough, I think, to be his grand-daughter. Otherwise, it was as good as any season could be without Pam around!

In season ten, they had brought Bobby back (season 9 was very bad, and season ten was not much better), and after that, they got better again. The show lasted a few more years after this one, so you know it was good enough to keep around. It is well worth having for any fan of the show.

Unfortunately, there is no bonus material, no features. Still, it's a good set to have, and a good season.

The DVD comes out today!

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Updated 1/19/10  


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