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Dallas - The Complete 10th Season

by Suzanne 1/10/09

I was a big fan of "Dallas" from day one. I watched every episode until the bitter end, when the show was not nearly as good. It was on for a long time, 14 years. Dallas was the first big hit primetime soap opera, and its success led them to spin-off "Knots Landing" and brought on more primetime soaps such as "Falcon Crest", "Dynasty", and "The Colbys". This was many years before they started doing "Beverly Hills 90210" or "Melrose Place". They'd only had one primetime soap before Dallas, "Peyton Place", which was based on a hit movie and ran for five years.

Dallas was huge, and I just loved it. It has the classic good versus evil element in brothers J.R. and Bobby. J.R. was very bad for most of the show, although sometimes you did feel a little sorry for him because he was so unhappy and hated, even though he was rich and had lots of women sleeping with him. His family especially hated him, even his wife and child at times, so it did make him sympathetic. Larry Hagman was a great actor and could pull off all of the many facets of J.R. Patrick Duffy played his good brother, Bobby. Bobby was your classic good guy. In some ways that is a tougher role to play, but he did it well. He made Bobby seem like someone we all wanted to marry, even it seems like sometimes he did let J.R. get away with too much. Bobby and Pam were a great couple, and the series was originally focused on them until they realized how great J.R. was. Hard to believe now, but originally Dallas was supposed to be an episodic series instead of a serial drama.

The tenth year was definitely a good year for Dallas fans. The previous year was written very badly and made little sense. Bobby had been killed off. The cliffhanger had Sue Ellen blown up. So instead, they came back in this tenth season with Bobby, alive, in the shower. Pam woke up, and all last season was a dream. Yep, it was that famous scene you've seen a million times. It's a cliche now, but it was pretty shocking at the time. And all of us Bobby fans jumped for joy! And we truly were shocked, since there was no internet back then to ruin the surprise.

The year that followed Pam's waking up was really good. They brought back one of the writers who had left before, and they seemed to bring the show back to the way it had been when it was good. Really, my only complaint is that they did kill off Pam at the end of the season. Boo!

Anyway, it's good to have the DVD set, especially if you are a Dallas fan. However, there are no extras, which is a real shame. They seem to have made it on the cheap, with no features and double-sided DVD's in cheap packagine. Soap opera fans are used to being treated this way, though. We're all just grateful that the series is out on DVD.

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