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Columbo - The Complete Second Season

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 Columbo - The Complete Second Season (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne  5/15/05

Detective shows became very popular in the late 60's and continued into the 70's.  By "detectives" I mean both police detectives and private eyes.  There was the female detective, the cowboy detective, the fat detective, the bald detective, the black detective, the buddy detectives, the undercover cool detectives, the rich detective, the ex-con detective, etc. just about everything you can imagine (still waiting for the gay detective, though). 

Columbo was one of the classic detectives from back then; he was also one of the best and most successful of the genre, in part because of acting skill of Peter Falk, and in part because of the show's writing.  It is great to watch Columbo investigate the murders and bring in the killer every time.

It is not a "mystery" show in the classic sense, like most of those shows were not back then.  You didn't need to figure out "whodunnit" because you would usually see the murder at the beginning of each show.  The fun was in watching Columbo figure it out and in watching the rich guy (it was always the rich guy or gal who committed the heinous deed) sweat.

Columbo always acted kinda stupid at first, so the murderer would under-estimate him and let his guard down.  Then by the time they figured out that Columbo was onto them, it was too late.  Columbo used all sorts of annoying little tricks to do his investigating and talk to the villain.

Watching the show on DVD, it dawned on me that these shows were using a lot of the same technology as shows like CSI do today.  They just didn't bother calling it forensics.  Columbo was not a forensics person, of course, but he looked at the clues, the details of the crime scene, to figure out the murderer.

The second season is excellent and features many great guest stars. I love watching the old shows that I grew up with (not like I remember all the plots after all these years) and seeing the great old actors that were the murderers, and the not-yet-famous ones that were playing bit parts.

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Updated 7/6/05  


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