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City on a Hill: Season One DVD cover


 City on a Hill: Season One

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 11/28/19

I was really looking forward to this because it has a great cast, but it's a bit disappointing. Aldis Hodge plays a new D.A. in Boston, in the early 90's, named DeCourcy Ward. The police hate him because he was previously working on the infamous case of Matthew Stuart, who claimed that black guys killed his pregnant case while they were driving through a black area. The police believed him and treated people in that area poorly as they searched for evidence. Ward made a public statement that some of the police should gone to jail.

Kevin Bacon is fantastic as a corrupt FBI investigator, Jackie Rohr. He and Ward team up to catch some violent bank robbers. As you can see, part of this is based on real-life 90's history. It's a bit slow, and a little heavy-handed, but it's a compelling drama. The acting is very good, especially from the two stars.

There are some very good features that come with the DVD that you may enjoy. I did.


Title: City on a Hill

Street Date: December 3, 2019

Format: DVD

Description: City on a Hill is an American crime drama series created by Charlie McLean, based on an original idea by Ben Affleck and MacLean. The series stars Kevin Bacon, Aldis Hodge, Amanda Clayton, Cathy Moriarty, Kevin Dunn, and Jill Hennessy. If follows the story of Assistant District Attorney Decourcy Ward who comes from Brooklyn and forms an unlikely alliance with a corrupt yet venerated FBI veteran, Jackie Rohr. Together, they take on a family of armored car robbers in a case that grows to involve, and ultimately subvert, the entire criminal justice system of Boston.

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