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The New Adventures of Old Christine - The Complete First Season

 The New Adventures of Old Christine - The Complete First Season

  Review by Suzanne  1/15/08

This is a very funny show. I'm sorry that I never watched it before. I think when it first came out they showed promos that were just not that funny. I wish I had checked it out myself.

It's not the best show ever, but it is very funny, and the characters are very likeable. If you get this two-disk DVD set, you'll see what I will have to take my word about how funny it is because everyone's sense of humor is different!

The show is about a divorced woman with a kid. She and her ex-husband are still very good friends, to the point that it's kind of weird. Also, her brother lives with her (I guess to help her with the kid, but they never really explain it). She gets annoyed in the first episode because he is dating a younger women, also named Christine. The husband's new girlfriend is "New Christine", so that's why she is "Old Christine" in the title of the show. They don't generally call her that, though, probably because it would be far too insulting!

The extras include a "gag reel" (a bloopers reel, really), unaired scenes, and a feature called "The Real Christine". This features the show's creator, Kari Lizer, as well as the cast, talking about the show.

If you like funny sitcoms, this is one for you!

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Updated 1/15/08  


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