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Chris Rock: Kill the Messenger

by Suzanne 1/21/09

To me, Chris Rock is always funny, so I was happy to get this DVD of his HBO show. He touches mostly on three subjects: the election, race, and relationships.

It's still close enough to the election that the political jokes were funny. He always does race very well. As a woman, I could find his relationship jokes kind of offensive, but I know he is a comedian and just trying to be funny. Hopefully he doesn't really think the things he says - they're just jokes.

The DVD is a compilation of his act from three different shows, one in South Africa, one in New York, and one in London. At times it can be jarring because his outfit changes in the middle of a joke, but otherwise it is not hard to follow and they do a good job of piecing it together so you don't lose the rhythm of the joke. It's just a little visually surprising.

The jokes at the end get pretty raunchy as he talks about sex. These were the least funny of all the jokes, but they don't last too long. We were about ready to turn it off when it ended. I'm sure that if you're listening to him live in a club, with drinks, that kind of thing is a bit funnier and easier to take.

Anyway, my husband and I laughed hard throughout the whole DVD, and even my 80-year-old mother-in-law found most of it funny. So you probably will, too.

I looked for a language setting on the DVD, but it didn't have one. However, it had closed captioning automatically. There were no extras, which is too bad. It's a good DVD to rent for an evening of fun. Even though it's 80 minutes, it moves along pretty quickly.

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Updated 1/21/09 


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