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Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown

Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown

by Suzanne 1/14/08

This is a great set for any Peanuts fan. It has three great Peanuts specials from the 60's and 70's: "You're in Love, Charlie Brown", "Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown", and "It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown". The first one is from the 60's and has much more primitive animation. It's also my favorite because that's the one I grew up with. It's mostly just a series of short vignettes, and the characters speak and act just like they did in the cartoon strip. It's basically about how Charlie Brown is in love with the red-headed girl.

The second one, "Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown", is probably the most famous and the best of the three shows. It is also based on the cartoon strip, but it has more story and continuity than the earlier show, plus slightly better animation. It is all about unrequited love among all the characters. Charlie Brown just wants a Valentine, but he doesn't get one. Linus wants to give his teacher a big box of chocolates, but she leaves school with her boyfriend (ouch!) before he gets to do so (why he can't just leave it on her desk until tomorrow, I have no idea!). Sally thinks Linus is giving her the chocolates. You get the idea...

The third one, although only a few years after the second one, is very different. The animation is more 3-dimensional. The Peanuts kids seem older. They're having a football game, and a homecoming dance. We not only get to actually see the little red-haired girl, we learn her name, "Heather". It had music (funky 70's music, and in fact the "modern dances" like the hustle and bump are named!) It was like your average cartoon, not like the great Peanuts shows. It was not as intelligent as the others and did not seem to be made as much from the Peanuts strip. As you might tell, it was my least favorite. It just didn't work. Kids will love it, I'm sure, but Peanuts fans probably will think it's kind of stupid. I'm sorry, but Charlie Brown should not actually get to kiss the Little Red-Haired Girl. She is best as a mystery, the never-attainable girl.

There's a fine feature on here where the people involved with the shows (all except Charles Shulz) talk about them, especially "Be MY Valentine". It's very interesting and worth hearing.

It's a good set for any Peanuts fan, or any children of ANY age!! It comes in a beautiful box, too, just in time for Valentine's Day.

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Updated 1/14/08  


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