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 Challenge of the GoBots: The Original Miniseries


  Review by Suzanne 6/4/11

I grew up with Hanna-Barbera cartoons. They were all we had, for the most part, but the animation was always terrible and the stories were not very good, either. That was in the 70's.  This show was in the 80's. The stories here are not bad. The animation is still pretty much the same.

Kids should love this DVD, and so should any nostalgic adult who grew up in the 80's watching them.  It has an easy, entertaining story and many different characters. These robots can turn themselves into cars and other machines. That's the basic idea. Of course they sold many Go-Bot toys as well.

The DVD has 5 episodes and no extras. Too bad they did not make any features to put on the set. It's basically a miniseries more than an actual TV show, so that's why there are only 5 episodes.

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Updated 6/4/11  


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