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The Carol Burnett Show: The Lost Episodes DVD cover


The Carol Burnett Show: The Lost Episodes

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 9/14/15

I used to watch this show every weekend, back in the 70's; this was the capper on a Saturday night of comedy after shows like All in the Family, Mary Tyler Moore, and The Bob Newhart Show. This collection of episodes is mostly from the late 60's, before I started watching (or maybe I did watch; but if so, I was too young to remember). So I find it a little bit dated, and a lot of the music is very old, even for my tastes. However, there's still plenty to enjoy in the humor and some of the music.

My favorite skit that they used to do was "As the Stomach Turns," and that is even more funny to me now, since I've been watching soap operas for the last 30 years! I also like the segment at the beginning of the show, where Carol takes questions from the audience.  When the show is funny, it's hysterical.

If nothing else, it's great to see the colorful, groovy clothes, and the guest stars, many of whom were pretty young then. There are many wonderful features to watch, such as interviews with the stars from now, looking back then. It's definitely worth getting this set if you're a fan of Carol Burnett or of her show, or of 60's TV.


Not Seen in More Than 40 Years: THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW: THE LOST EPISODES Arrives in a 6-Disc Collector's Set on 9/15 from Time Life!

"The Carol Burnett Show helped define the golden age of television"
-- The New York Times
Showcasing the Birth of a TV Legend, the 6-Disc Collector's Set ($59.95srpFeatures the Best Original Broadcast Episodes from the Legendary Variety Show, Hand-Picked by Carol Herself!
Includes 16 Episodes and Nearly 5 Hours of Specially-Created Bonus MaterialIncluding a Backstage Tour of CBS Studio 33, Never-Before-Seen Bloopers and Outtakes, and Exclusive Interviews with Alan Alda, 
Julie AndrewsBill Hader, Queen Latifah, Don Rickles and More!
FAIRFAX, VA (August 18, 2015) - Every legend has a beginning.  And this September, Time Life, one of the premiere distributors of Classic TV on DVD, will release the very first steps of a TV icon with THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW: THE LOST EPISODES.  Showcasing the early days of one of the most honored and beloved shows in television history, the 6-disc Collector's Set will feature episodes from the program's first five seasons - unseen by the public for more than 40 years!
THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW: THE LOST EPISODES features original broadcast episodes from Seasons 1-5 (1967-1972), hand-picked by Carol herself.  And across 16 magical episodes - true treasures from the vault, not seen since their original airing more than forty years ago - consumers will see the very first steps of a TV icon, the magic of Carol's cast coming together, and an incredible array of guest stars including Carol's hero, Lucille Ball, along with Carol Channing, Bing Crosby, Phyllis Diller, Steve Lawrence, Bob Newhart, Don Rickles, Chita Rivera, Burt Reynolds, Flip Wilson and many, many more.
Certain to thrill fans of both the series and classic television alike, the award-winning TV DVD archivists at Time Life have also created nearly 5 hours of bonus programming that enhance an already spectacular set.  Included are: 
  • A backstage tour of CBS Studio 33 where the show was originally taped
  • 13 exclusive new interviews with stars of yesteryear and today, with Alan Alda, Julie Andrews, Vikki Carr, Carol Channing, Bill Hader, Jack Jones, Jim Nabors, Queen Latifah, Gloria Loring, Don Rickles, Lesley Ann Warren and more!
  • Never-Before-Seen Bloopers & Outtakes
  • Newly produced featurettes
  • Bonus sketches including "Morton at the Movies" and the all-time classic "The Dentist"
  • The opening number from the historic Julie and Carol at Lincoln Center TV special with a new introduction by Carol 
Additionally, a single disc LOST EPISODES release will also be available at retail for $12.95srp, including 3 episodes and an hour of bonus features, interviews and outtakes.
For Carol's biggest fans, Time Life has released two exclusive configurations, currently available online at or by calling 1-800-950-7887THE LOST EPISODES ULTIMATE COLLECTION, priced at $200, includes 22 DVDs, over 20 hours of specially-created bonus programming, a collectible guest book and more.  THE VIP EDITION (priced at $400), will feature everything in the ULTIMATE COLLECTION, plus Carol will hand-sign a personalized greeting on the cover of the guest book.  Each VIP EDITION will be numbered and arrive with a Certificate of Authenticity.  The bonus features include everything from the 6-disc set, as well as the addition of five featurettes, including: "The Making of a Mackie," "The Golden Age of the Variety Show," "Messages to Carol" "Expecting the Unexpected" and "The Song and Dance"; more interviews with stars of yesteryear and today including Tony Bennett, Pat Boone, Steve Carell, Kristin Chenoweth, Tina Fey, Shirley Jones, Burt Reynolds and more; and rare TV specials: Once Upon a Mattress starring Carol, Ken Berry and Bernadette Peters and Carol +2 featuring Lucille Ball and Zero Mostel.  Both ultimate sets are housed in a deluxe collector's box, and feature a glossy 40-page collectible Guest Book that contains autographs from guests, fans and friends, archival production photos and notes from Carol.
THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW debuted on CBS in 1967 and ran for 11 years, receiving 25 Emmy Awards and eight Golden Globes, making it one of the most honored shows in television history. TIME Magazine named THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW one of the "100 Best Television Shows of all Time" and Carol Burnett has been honored with more People's Choice Awards than any other actress.

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