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 Brothers & Sisters: The Complete Fifth Season


  Review by Suzanne 8/17/11

I loved this show, and we even have a section of our site about it (still building it, though).  I was very upset that they canceled it (still am!).  I think the writing and acting stayed great throughout the whole series. It has such fantastic actors like Sally Field and Calista Flockhart.

Viewers may have had trouble with a lot of the characters leaving during the 4th season, like Robert, Rebecca, and Tommy, and we saw a lot less of Kitty and Holly this season. It's a shame because the show was still really good even with the cast changes.

I'm glad they put all the episodes on DVD. This season 5 disks has quite a lot of unaired scenes and some other extras. There is a feature all about Gilles Mirini, who played the hunky Luc.  There is also a fun little feature about Writing for the Walkers. It's great to see and hear the writers, and the actors speaking in their natural voice. I did not know that Matthew Rhys (Kevin) is Welsh and has an accent!  And Luke Grimes (Scotty) is Canadian. He reveals that he has trouble saying the word "sorry" in an American accent. 

I enjoyed the DVD and will definitely be buying the first 4 seasons, too.  ABC did a great job with the DVD. I just wish they hadn't canceled the show!

More info:

Brothers & Sisters Widget

Bloopers and clips

Brothers & Sisters: The Complete Fifth and Final Season(Release Date: August 23)
The final season of the star-studded ABC drama continues the story of the Walkers, a contemporary picture of the American family. At the heart is matriarch Nora, who finds personal satisfaction in knowing her family is happy, however sometimes allows her intentions to be a little overbearing. Her five adult children, friends as much as they are relatives, come together to support each other through the joy and heartache as they try to manage their professional, romantic, and familial lives. Together they face genuine, relatable life issues in this warm and witty drama.

DVD Bonus Features include:
--Gilles Marini: Uncovered. Get to know Gilles Marini, who plays Luc Laurent, the hottest new brother-in-law, between takes, behind closed doors in his dressing room and inside his personal workout
--Writing For The Walkers. Personal stories that inspired some of the most memorable moments of the season, from the series writers
--Below The Line. Producer commentary on some of the seasonīs best episodes Deleted scenes and bloopers from the season

Release Format: 5-Disc DVD Set
Suggested Retail Price: $45.99 US/$54.99 Canada
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Updated 8/17/11  


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