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The Brady Bunch - The Complete Fourth Season

 The Brady Bunch: The Complete Fourth Season (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne  12/28/05

The Brady Bunch is a classic series that started in the 60's but is really known as a 70's classic. This fourth season is one of the best and has many memorable episodes.

The season starts out with the clan going to Hawaii, with many location shots and a guest appearance by Don Ho, who sings and plays. The kids are still really young and everyone still has straight hair. After that episode, you can start seeing them grow more and the hair gets very curly on the guys.

Other shows that are my favorites (and favorites of everyone) include the one where Marcia gets hit in the nose with a football; Alice feels unwanted and leaves; and the kids enter an amateur talent show. The only favorite one that I remember that is not on here is the one where Davy Jones guest-stars. The clothes and other styles are fun to see again, too!

The Brady Bunch is a bit dated with its family togetherness and its comments like "Groovy!" Anyone who grew up with the show should love it because we grew up with it. Kids should still love it because of its great kid-oriented entertainment. The parents should love it because it's so family-oriented and wholesome.

The disk set is great, but it's missing any extras, which is a shame. I hope that future disk sets go back to having the extras. Fans deserve better! Nonetheless, this is a must-have for any 70's TV fan.

Go the official DVD website to play games, see pics, etc.!

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Updated 12/28/05  


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