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Boy Meets World - The Complete Third Season

 Boy Meets World: The Complete Third Season (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne  1/1/06

I'm too old to have ever really enjoyed this show. It is a "family" show, which means it's aimed at kids, especially junior high and high school kids.  Younger kids may appreciate it, too, but it has many sexually-oriented jokes that parents may not think are appropriate. It is not something any mature adult would like.  The jokes are very predictable.  It is not as lame as, say, "Saved by the Bell", and the acting is fine. I always enjoy William Daniels, even though he is somewhat wasted in this.  It's just not what I'd call a great show.

The show is about Cory, an average kid, and his friends and family.  He has a close relationship with a teacher, Mr. Feeney (Daniels), who lives next door.  This  season is mostly about Cory and his girlfriend Topanga.  The show is probably better than most teen comedies around today, but it's no "Brady Bunch", either.

If you grew up watching the show and enjoying it, you might enjoy the DVD set, which has some fine extras.  Otherwise, save it for the kids.

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Updated 1/1/06  


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