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Bonanza: The Official Seventh Season DVD cover


Bonanza: The Official Seventh Season

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 9/29/14

I grew up watching this and "Gunsmoke", both of which were big favorites of my dad. I always loved watching the cute boys, especially Little Joe and Adam. The plots were often very fun, not always serious. Looking at it now, I can see that the Cartwrights were very liberal for their time. They were generous with everyone, and kind, and they stood up for the little guy and the wrongly accused, especially people of color.

If you're looking for a classic TV western, this is a great one. If you're looking for realism, this is not it. TV didn't do realism too much back then. The Cartwrights are pretty much saints and can do no wrong. The show was in color, but most of the characters are black and white. Good guys are good and bad guys are bad, and it's all pretty obvious. The plots are very obvious. You can tell right away what's going to happen, and everything is wrapped up by the end of the hour, usually with a happy ending of some sort.  You have to watch old shows like this in context.

Having said that, for an old show, it doesn't drag or seem super slow like so many. They kept it moving.  This is the first season without Adam, which is a shame. I read that Pernell Roberts hated being on the show (I wonder why?). Too bad! There are lots of great guest stars, though.

The color and photography is beautiful, and they've really done a great job restoring it. The show was shot near Lake Tahoe, and it's just gorgeous. The costumes are very colorful as well.

There are some fun extras on the DVD set. They include all of the bumpers and themes, and the NBC peacock, and a few commercials. I wish there were more! There are a few interviews and some photos. I guess they did the best they could on something so old where most of the cast is dead.

Watch it and enjoy, classic TV fan! Your kids will probably like it, too.


One of the most popular Western series in television history, Bonanza: The Official Seventh Season Volumes One and Two, rides in on DVD September 2. Featuring the legendary ensemble cast of Michael Landon, Dan Blocker and Lorne Green, as well as guest appearances from Clint Howard and Sally Newton, the newly remastered seventh season centers on the conflict and passions of the Cartwrights as they attempt to maintain and operate their half-million acre Ponderosa ranch in mid-1800s Nevada. Jam-packed with exclusive special features, Bonanza: The Official Seventh Season Volumes One and Two will be available in stores, September 2. 

DVD Basics:


  • Street Date: September 2, 2014
  • Price: $46.99 (each)
  • Rating: Not Rated
  • Runtime: 761 minutes (Volume One) and 913 minutes (Volume Two)

Click on the link above (on the DVD cover) and you'll see some really good reviews with lots more details.

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Page updated 9/29/14

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