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Birds of Prey DVD cover

Birds of Prey: The Complete Series

by Suzanne 7/1/08

This was an awesome series.  I don't know why it had lousy ratings, and why they canceled it, but it's a darn shame. I think they tried to sell it like it was like "Smallville", which it's not. The only thing they have in common is that they are both shows based on comic books that involve teenagers and play loud music in the background of the scenes. Otherwise they are as different as, well, Superman and Batman.

Birds of Prey takes place in the post-Batman world of Gotham City, now known as "New Gotham".  At the begin, Bruce Wayne's butler, Alfred, explains that Batman had a final battle with the Joker, but the Joker had someone stab Catwoman, and he shot Batgirl.  Batman and Catwoman had been lovers for a long time.  She had reformed and had a daughter, Helena, that Batman didn't know about.  Catwoman, AKA Selena Kyle, was stabbed to death in front of Helena.  This is all shown to us and it is really cool.

In the present, we see that Helena has become The Huntress, and she has similar powers to her mother, Catwoman.  Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) is now in a wheelchair and is a schoolteacher. By night, she and the Huntress still go after the bad guys. Although Barbara is in a wheelchair, she uses sophisticated electronic gadgetry to stay in contact with Huntress and help her out.  Helena is also her legally adopted ward (shades of Robin!).  A blonde teen named Dinah Lance arrives and is shown to have some kind of psychic powers, so she joins their team. 

If you are a comic book fan, you might have trouble with some of the liberties they have taken with the characters.  For instance, Dinah Lance is actually Black Canary in the comics and is a contemporary of Batman's, and she's not psychic.  It may be that all of these changes offended some comic fans, even though Superman fans still watch Smallville, with all its changes. I don't really know. It could be that fan boys are not as interested in seeing women with super powers as they are interested in seeing the boys and girls of Smallville. As I said, it's too bad because this is a really good show.

It could also be that this show feels like the bit players are taking Batman, no Robin, and no Joker, so we are left with all the not-as-famous superheroes.  They may have made a mistake even mentioning Batman in the show without making him a regular character because that might disappoint some people.

Like the current Batman movies, such as Dark Knight, the show has a darkness to it. It has to because Batman and his environment are dark.  Huntress is seeing a psychiatrist (who we find out right away is an evil criminal mastermind) and has issues because of her mother dying and her father not being in her life. They hunt criminals at night and are much more vigilante-like than Superman could ever be.  You should definitely buy this DVD set if you like superheroes and comic books, or even if you just like cool-looking shows with good writing and acting, and women in tight and sexy outfits.

The woman who plays Huntress, Ashley Scott, went on to join the cast of "Jericho", another great show.  Shemar Moore, who plays the cop that is suspicious of all the weird things going on in the city, later joined the cast of "Criminal Minds", which is still on the air.

The DVD contains the original unaired pilot, which is great to watch.  It also contains an animated series that aired on the Web called "Gotham Girls".  These are fun. I didn't even know they were around back when Birds of Prey was airing.  The DVD case is really sturdy and I like the way they fit in the disks so they won't fall out or get damaged. Good packaging.

This is an awesome set for any TV fan to have, especially if the TV fan likes action, adventure, scifi, fantasy, or comic books.

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Updated 7/1/08  


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