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Big Love season 3 DVD cover

Big Love: The Complete Third Season

by Suzanne 1/1/10

I had heard about this show before it started, but for some reason, that I don't remember, it didn't sound like something I would like. I have to say I was wrong. So far I am enjoying it.
Most HBO shows are really good, and this one is no exception. The first season was a little slow, but I'm happy to say that has changed.

The third season has more complex storylines that move along faster. The actors in this show are some of the best you'll see anywhere, including Bill Paxton, Harry Dean Stanton, Jeanne Tripplehorn, and many more.

The show is about a polygamist family that live in a Utah suburb. The main character, Bill, owns a Home-Depot-like business. We saw in the first season how he tried to juggle that with three wives and many children. His wives argue a lot. It's a really interesting show with fabulous acting and writing. In some ways, it should be titled "Why Polygamy Is Bad" because it shows how terrible it is for everyone, and how they are all so screwed up. If you like Mormons, you probably won't like this show because it doesn't show them in the best light (even the non-polygamists).

This is a good set to have. Also, they give you a brief video recap so that you can find out what the first two seasons were basically about. However, I do think that there will still be some confusion about who is who if you don't watch at least some of the first two seasons.

One thing I really find interesting about this show is that even though most of the people in the show are participating in this loathesome behavior (which is not much more than slavery, really), you can tell that they do feel a bit disgusted about it in many ways.

The extras on the DVD includes interviews with the main character.  There's also three short segments where they show the characters reacting to the real-life national crackdown on polygamy.

Since this is an HBO show, there is lots of sex and some violence. Of course it's an adult show.

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Updated 1/1/10  


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