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 The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Third Season

  Review by Suzanne 9/21/10

This is a really funny show, whether you are into "geek stuff" or not. Each season is filled with comedy gold.  This season, Penny and Leonard finally have sex. Lots of funny stuff happens every episode. They have many fun guest-stars like comic book legend Stan Lee and actor Wil Wheaton from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

If you have never watched the show before, you won't be lost. These are basically standalone episodes. The show is about four geeky friends, Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj, work at the physics department of a university in Los Angeles.  Sheldon and Leonard live in an apartment, and Penny is the cute-but-dumb girl that lives across the hall.

That's pretty much all you need to know, except the show is darn funny. If you are a geek and get all the references to Star Trek, comic books, etc. then it is even funnier.

The third disk has the features. The first one has the cast sitting around, answering questions from fans. They do it in a cute way: they are eating Chinese foods and open fortune cookies. Each cookie has a question. They show clips from the show as they do this. It is very fun to watch. Another feature is Set Tour with Simon and Kunal. This is where the actors who play Howard and Raj take us around the set of the show, talking about it. The last feature is the gag reel, where we see funny scenes of the cast messing up their lines. Those are always fun!

I hope you enjoy it! It would also make a great gift for any TV fan or any geeky fan.

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Updated 9/21/10  


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