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 The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Fourth  Season


  Review by Suzanne 9/17/11

Big Bang Theory is a very funny sitcom, and I always enjoy getting the DVD's. I don't watch the show regularly on TV, so I get the DVD's later instead. I'm a "geek" so I can relate to the shows about comic books, scifi, gaming, etc. However, the show's geeks are very extreme cases. I'm not sure there are too many real-life geeks as bad as these guys. I especially think it unlikely that college professors would keep sharing small apartments together for years. Professors are not paid that badly, and these guys are supposed to be very big in their fields, so that doesn't make a lot of sense.

The extras on the DVD were fun. I laughed a lot while watching them. They had the actors interview each other, so that was fun to watch. The gag reel was great, and very funny. Lastly, they did a music video for their theme song, by Barenaked Ladies. That was great to watch, as well as listen to.

If you like a good comedy, then you should watch this show! It is very funny. Most sitcoms nowadays are just not funny. They have a lot of fun guest-stars, too. All of my geek friends watch the show!

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Updated 9/17/11  


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