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The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Second Season DVD cover The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Second Season

by Suzanne 8/26/09

This is a very funny sitcom about some physicists who are so geeky that they have trouble relating to "normal" people. Two of them live across the hall from a gorgeous waitress that befriends them. If you are a scifi fan, or a computer geek, or a math or science nerd, you will find it particularly funny. There are a lot of clever jokes that they throw in from these subjects. However, you will probably find it funny even if you don't know these things. It's just a funny show.

You can read about the show more from our Season One review. I'm glad that it is successful enough to be now going into a third season!

The DVD has a few nice extras. One is about the show's consulting physicist, David Saltzberg. The other is about the show's cast and characters, going into the second season. All of the cast, as well as the show's writers and producers, give their opinion on both features. There is also a hilarious gag reel.

If you haven't yet watched this show, rent or buy this DVD and check it out! You won't be me on this! I don't know anyone who has watched it that hasn't become instantly hooked on it.

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Updated 8/26/09  


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