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Being Human season 1 DVD cover

 Being Human: Season 1

  Review by Suzanne 7/22/10

I have loved this show since the first episode. I admit that I am a sucker for almost any TV show about the supernatural anyway. I also love British shows, especially well-done ones like this. This show has it all. It has great special effects and makeup; it has excellent story and acting; and it has humor and heart.  It is just a wonderful show.

The basic premise of the show sounds like a bad joke: A vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost all share an apartment.  However, like all good science fiction, fantasy, or horror shows or movies, within the context of this world where such beings exist, it is very realistic.  They take things seriously, although the reality of the every day often makes for humor as well.  Beyond all that, the people in the show are just very likable and, dare I say it, human. Their humanity, and their tenuous hold on that, is what makes you root for them.

It may seem weird to root for such creatures, but these are the good guys, not the bad guys. Like most vampires in recent fiction, Mitchell is a vampire who does not want to drink human blood. He is constantly torn between his monster side and his human side.  George, the werewolf, wants desperately to return to his human form but turns into a wolf once a month.  Annie, the ghost, desperately clings to this world and does not want to go to the great beyond.  They band together for some sense of normalcy, even though they are far from normal. 

They are threatened in this first season by other vampires.  That is the over-all story of the first season.  It has an exciting, satisfying conclusion in every way.  Tthe three of them struggle to figure out who they are during the season and mostly figure it out by the end.

The DVD disk has many great extras, including alternate, deleted and extended scenes - these are always fun to see. I wish there were more!  They have character profiles, where the actors discuss each of the main characters, and they show clips.  There is a feature called "Vamping it Up" where they talk about the vampires and how they decided which traditional vampire features to use in the series (they can be seen in daylight, for instance).  The creator Toby Whithouse talks about the series. I wish there had more from him about how he developed the show, and about the original pilot (more on that later).  They show the locations they use, which is very interesting and goes into great detail.  They talk about the costumes and makeup as well. They have another feature about the stunts they did on the show, and a separate one just about George becoming a werewolf.  There is a feature called "Our Journey's End" which talks about the end of the season.  And finally, there are "Video diaries", where the actors filmed themselves during the series, talking a lot. I find that one to be kind of boring, but you might like it if you are really into the actors.

The features are extensive, and I applaud them for that. The only thing that I really felt was missing was the original pilot or any mention or explanation of it. Perhaps they thought that it would be too confusing for us poor dumb American audiences? That's a shame because it is well worth seeing. The original pilot was very good, but it had different actors playing Mitchell, Annie, and Herrick.  I do hope they include it in a future DVD!

The DVD is well worth getting.  Please visit our Being Human Page for more info and video clips.  Also, enter our contest for a chance to win the blu-Ray DVD!

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Updated 7/22/10  


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