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Beauty & the Beast: The Final Season DVD cover


Beauty & the Beast: The Final Season

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 12/1/16

I never missed an episode of this show! I was very sad to hear that it was ending. On the other hand, it did seem like they had done everything that they could possibly do with the characters and the show. They packed a lot of story into their 4 years.

This is the final season, so you want to make sure to watch the first 3 seasons before you watch this one, or else you might be a bit lost. I'm not saying it's the worst season, or if it is, it's just a slight matter of comparison. They were all good. I enjoyed them. They had lots of action, humor and romance.

I started watching mostly because of Kristen Kreuk, who was so great on "Smallville," but I kept watching because it's a good show. Also, the actor who plays the beast, Jay Ryan, is really gorgeous.  He's a much better actor than this show really highlights. He's from New Zealand and has a strong accent, but you wouldn't know it from watching this show.

The other actors on the show are also really good. They make a fine ensemble. Some of them come and go, but the core four/five stay throughout the series. I'm glad they never killed off Cat's sister, Tess, or J.T. I'm also glad they finished the show with a happy ending. Hope that wasn't a spoiler for you! I'm sure you could figure that much out.

Now, if you watched the original 80's show, this one is very different.  You might not like it as much if you try to compare the two.  The original Beast is a real beast, not the handsome guy in this show.  Still, it's a very fun action show worth watching. I'm glad to have them all on DVD.

The DVD just has a few features that help us say goodbye to the show. I'm trying not to be too sad. Sniff! Check it out because it's definitely worth  your time to watch.


Beauty and the Beast: The Final Season
Street Date: December 6
The classic fairy tale gets a dark twist in this award-winning television series! When a homicide detective with a troubled past falls in love with a doctor hiding a deadly secret, itís anything but a fairy tale romance. Donít miss the final season of the most thrilling romance on television. 

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