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Battlestar Galactica - Season One

Battlestar Galactica DVD Season 1

Battlestar Galactica - Season One (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne  10/1/05

This is arguably the best science fiction show of this century (possibly ever), and maybe the best drama on TV right now.  They took what was basically a schlocky scifi show of the 70's, changed it around and made it a very gritty, realistic show with excellent writing and acting.  The show is just gripping and full of surprises each episode.  It never gets bogged down with too many fight scenes, or too much soap opera, or too much, well, anything boring.  The show has many "oh my God" moments.  It constantly keeps you guessing and on your toes.

The miniseries was very good, but the series goes one step further and makes it excellent.  I have to admit I was reluctant to watch it at first because I liked the old episode and I'd heard about a lot of changes.  However, the new show is SO different that you can't really even compare them.  I liked the old BG because it had some similarities to Star Wars and because there really wasn't much scifi around in the 70's.  Also, it had two cute guys in it.  Beyond wasn't a very good show, and it didn't last long.  This one is completely different and 1000% better.  Period, no question.

It is more of an ensemble show than the previous one. You get to know all of the characters and you want them to do well.  Trouble is, they also make you pull for the Cylons, even though they are the bad guys.  You can see both points of view, both Cylon and human, which is unusual.  Another plus is that women are completely equal to men (unlike the old series).  Women here are fighter pilots, alien robot killers, journalists, and even president!  Not like the old show where they were mostly secretaries, mothers, and prostitutes.

Anyone who likes good TV or good drama should like this series, regardless of the fact that it takes place in space and has special effects.  It feels and looks very real, and it has wonderful stories that make you react both emotionally and intellectually.  Scifi fans love it as well because of the great special effects and action. Everyone else should like the rest of it--good stories, characters, romance, everything.  This is where it began.  Watch this season and then watch the current season--you won't be disappointed!  This is not hyperbole.  This is also a very successful show, so obviously everyone agrees.

The extras on the DVD set are great and plentiful.  There are 8 behind-the-scenes features, a show that ran on the SciFi Channel that nicely introduces the show, artwork from the show, deleted scenes, and of course episode commentary.  The miniseries is also included here, which is very convenient.  It also includes one BG trading card, which is a fun extra.

Rent or buy this NOW!!! Or you'll miss out on one of the best shows of the century.

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Updated 10/1/05  


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