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The Batman Versus Dracula DVD cover The Batman vs. Dracula/The Batman Superman Movie

by Suzanne 6/1/09

I enjoy the recent Superman and Batman cartoons, both series and movies. They remind me a lot of the comics I read when I was a kid in the 70's. Sadly, those comics now are very different - more violent and more graphic in every way. The art is very different as well. It's just not my type of thing. These cartoons, though, are very much like the comics I grew up with. We wished back then that the cartoons were as good (apparently there was a good 20- or 30-year lag in quality between the comics and the cartoons - I wonder why?).

These disk set has two different Batman movies. One is "Batman Vs. Dracula" (2005), and the other is "The Batman Superman Movie" (1998). I had already seen the "Batman Superman movie" on TV. It was good enough, though, that I watched it again and still liked it a lot. I don't often watch movies a second time, especially not within five years of each other. Batman and Superman don't know each other at the beginning of this movie. They are not aware of each other's secret identities. Batman travels to Metropolis after the Joker steals a green dragon. The dragon is made out of Kryptonite. Lois has a date with Bruce Wayne, which is fascinating. Meanwhile, The Joker, who is short on cash, tells Lex Luthor that he'll kill SUperman if he gives him one billion dollars. Lex agrees with the deal. It's a complex story for a cartoon, and a very good one. I am no child expert, but I think kids would enjoy this one.

The second and newer movie, "Batman Vs. Dracula" is much darker and more violent; more like today's comics. However, it's still very good, like watching a real-life Batman movie almost. The Penguin and Joker bust out of Arkham Asylum in order to get some money that another inmate was talking about. Instead, The Penguin accidentally awakens Dracula while the Joker gets electrocuted while fighting with The Batman. Let's just say Penguin makes a very good Renfro!  Buffy is sorely needed.  I don't think small children should watch it, though, due to the darker nature.

Both movies are very entertaining and have lots of humor in the dialogue. I was very glad to watch both and add them to my collection. In the first movie, Batman and Superman work together to save Metropolis. In the second, Batman has to save Gotham City-from the undead as well as his usual enemies.

There are quite a few special features, but most of them are very short and not that interesting. For the Batman/Superman movie, there is a cast and credits list; a few short musical specials about the artwork; trailers; and a game. The only mildly interesting feature is "Conversation with Producer Bruce Timm".  On the other side of the disk, Batman Vs. Dracula has two short features that talk about Dracula and Gotham City, and the trailers.  The only interesting one is the "Voices in Close-Up", all about the actors who does the voices. That one is fascinating. I wish they did that for all animated DVD's.

Any fan of superheroes will enjoy these movies!

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Updated 8/26/09  


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