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Batman - Gotham Knight (Two-Disc Collector's Edition) (2008)

by Suzanne 8/4/08

This is an awesome disk collection for any Batman fan! First of all, the movie is great. Personally, I like it better than the recent "Dark Knight" live action movie. The story is better. It is not one long story but several short stories strung together (kind of like a comic book). I gather that various artists and writers do each one because the art is very different for each segment. In splitting it up, though, it makes it less "epic", which some fans might not like. The Superman Doomsday movie last year was better, in that sense. Still, it's very good.

The extras on the second disk are fabulous. There are two long features and one short one. One is all about Batman's villains. The comments are from various Batman writers and editors, so they do know their stuff. They illustrate the comics using still comic images and clips from the cartoons. The second long feature is all about Batman creator Bob Kane. Friends of his from the past (including Marvel Comics' Stan Lee), his widow, and people who met him and admired him (including Mark Hamill), paint an interesting portrait of what he was like and how he got his start. I did not know all of these things about him (such as the fact that he knew Marilyn Monroe, who became the inspiration for Batman's girlfriend Vicky Vale), and it was fascinating.

The third feature, which is shorter, is about the new Wonder Woman animated movie, out next year. That looks really good. I just wish it were a live-action movie, though. I'm really looking forward to that one.

The set also comes with some bonus episodes from the Batman Animated Series.  They are great fun to watch.  This is definitely a disk everyone who likes Batman should buy.

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Updated 8/4/08  


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