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Review by Suzanne 4/15/07

Batman Beyond - Season Three

I used to read and collect comic books watch Saturday morning cartoons, back in the 60's and 70's. Like many people, I stopped doing all that as I got older. I still have many friends who are comic book fans, and I always love watching superhero tv shows and movies such as "Smallville" and the Batman, X-Men, and Spider-man movies. Cartoons, especially superhero ones, were really bad when I was a kid, so when I got older, I couldn't stand them any more. The art was not very good, and they were aimed at kids and teens. They were never as good as the comics. I did see a few comics over the years since I stopped reading them, but they were nothing like the ones I read as a kid. They full of sex and violence, and the drawing didn't seem t as good as the older ones.

A few years ago, I happened to catch "Justice League Unlimited" and "X-Men" on TV, so I started watching them regularly. They were a lot like the old comics I read as a kid, in both their story quality and their art. I know people have raved over the years about various cartoons such as "Batman Beyond", but I never happened to catch them. So I am happy to report that "Batman Beyond" is a great cartoon.

Now, since I don't read the comics any more, I have no idea if it is as good as the "Batman Beyond" comics. But I enjoyed it in this DVD set. I sat down and watched them all. This set is worth watching if you are any kind of superhero fan. The animation and stories are great. The excellent episode "Out of the Past" with Ra's ah Ghul is worth it alone. The two-parter "The Call" is also great and features the Justice League.

This is Batmen set in the future. He has gotten old and retired, and has trained a teen named Terry to take his place. I suppose the TV execs think that the coveted youth demographic will only want to watch other teens. It's fine because the show is not childish, so it should appeal to anyone. There are two nice extra features - a panel discussion with the producers, and a closeup on the favorite moments from the series by Will Friedle (who voices Batman) and the creative team.

This show is good, it has convinced me to go out and buy the other episode collections. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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Updated 4/15/07 


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