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Batman Complete 5th Season DVD cover

The Batman The Complete Fifth Season

by Suzanne 8/21/08

This disk has the fifth season of "The Batman", a cartoon series that started in 2004. This is its last year because it was cancelled. It's too bad because this is a good series, very enjoyable and action-packed, as well as having a lot of character development and outstanding voices.

Unlike previous Batman series, this one takes place in Batman's early years when he is still learning who he is and how to fight criminals. In the opener of this year's episodes, he teams up with Superman. However, they are not friends yet. They don't trust each other or know how to work together. They are thrown together by the villains that are fighting them in Metropolis and Gotham City. It is really an interesting dynamic between the two heroes.

In this series, Batman has both Robin and Batgirl. Interestingly, A real teen voices Robin, which brings authenticity to the role. The series is aimed a bit at children, but it is not "dumbed down", so adults can enjoy it as well.

In the previous season, Batman met the heroes that would form The Justice League and was asked to join. The Justice League characters appear a lot in this season to spice things up. I love this because I miss the Justice League series that was canceled. The two extras on this disk are about the Justice League. One is a behind-the-scenes feature that has the creative team behind the show talking about how and why they brought the Justice League into the show, while they show clips from the show. The other feature gives more details about each Justice League member.

I have been reading online boards about this show. There was a previous Batman series in the 90's that everybody loved, so they did not like this one as much. That one was directed more at adults, from what I can tell.  The general consensus on this series seems to be that season one was not very good, but it has improved since then.  It's a shame more Batman fans didn't stick around for the next four seasons. I hope they can check it out on DVD.

I really enjoyed watching these episodes of "The Batman". I am definitely going to have to go back and buy seasons 1-4 now so I can see what I have been missing. Apparently they have a new Batman series called "The Brave and the Bold". I hope it's at least half as good as this one.

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Updated 8/21/08  


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