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The Batman Fourth Season DVD

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 The Batman The Complete Fourth Season (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne  12/13/07

This is a very good show. I didn't realize that, or I would have been watching all alone. Now I'm going to have to go back and buy seasons 1-3!

I don't normally watch cartoons, but I watch them when I learn that they are high quality shows, like Justice League Unlimited. This show is as good as that one. Both adults and kids can enjoy it (Batman fans of any age). The stories are very good and not made just for children.

The animation is good, although I am not partial to this more modern style of art, which looks influenced by Japanese anime. It's not so bad that I wouldn't watch the show, though.

I enjoyed the theme song, which pays tribute in one part to the old Batman TV show. In this season, Robin is introduced. The set starts with his origin. Batgirl is also a major character. As always, there are many great guest voices, including Mark Hamil, Deidrich Bader, Brooke Shields, and Brandon Routh.

I had trouble figuring out how to work the menus or put on the closed-captioning. Normally I can just use my mouse to click, but it was not working that way, and I could only see how to turn OFF the closed-captioning.

There are no extras, which is a shame...oh, well, at least I get to watch the show and be introduced to it.

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Updated 12/13/07  


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