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Bakugan: Battle Planet - Origin of Species DVD cover


  Bakugan: Battle Planet - Origin of Species 

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 10/6/19

This is an animated Japanese superhero show. It's aimed at kids, but I think most fans of the genre would enjoy it. At first, it seems like your typical kids' show - kind of silly.  It gets better, though.

It's dubbed in English and easy to understand. Apparently, it's a Cartoon Network reboot of a series from 2007. I think any fan of the genre, or any kid over 10, would enjoy it. Check it out!


After discovering the mysterious Bakugan race, Dan Kouzo and his best friends return to defend the mysterious creatures in BAKUGAN: Origin of Species, the first DVD volume from Cartoon Network's global series "Bakugan: Battle Planet." Available in DVD on October 22, Bakugan: Origin of Species" features 13 adventurous episodes.


When the Bakugan began emerging from the Earth's crust during the awakening, Dan and his best friends Wynton Styles and Lia Venegas discover the Bakugan and immediately form an undeniable bond. Together they go face-to-face with those who are looking to enslave, control and destroy the alien creatures.

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