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Bad Girls From Valley High

Bad GIrls from Valley High DVD photo

 Bad Girls From Valley High AKA A Fate Totally Worse Than Death (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne  6/3/05

This is a very weird movie. I expected it to be a silly teen comedy, but it's a very black comedy...yet, it's not that funny.  It tries to be funny, but it fails more often then not.  It does succeed at being very dark.

The plot centers around three stereotypical rich teenage girls and their clichd friends.  However, these girls killed another girl, and when they each start to age rapidly, they try to fix the problem by killing another girl, a new girl, that they think is the ghost of their dead victim.

The acting is very good.  Julie Benz was excellent in "Angel" and is still very good here, but she and other actors like Christopher Lloyd and the late Jonathan Brandis are completely wasted in this flick.  I gather they had hoped this movie would be as successful as either "Heathers" or "Mean Girls", but it wasn't.  I'm guessing both of those films were more clever or funnier than this one.

Unless you like really weird movies, skip this one.

Here is a Music Video using images from the film!

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