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The A-Team - Season 3 (1983)


The A-Team Season 3 (DVD)

Review by Suzanne 2/26/06

I was never a big fan of this show.  Maybe it's because I don't have enough testosterone.  It s apure male action show. Nowadays they would probably try it make it more diverse.  Anyway, everyone knows the actors pretty well, especially Mr. T. I loved Dirk Benedict in Battlestar Galactica.  He plays pretty much the same character in this show.  The actors and the action carry the show.  The writing does not have a lot of depth.  They mostly try to keep it light and fun. I just don't think it has as good writing as "Magnum PI" or actors I liked as much as "MacGyver". 

If you like action shows, you will definitely love this one.  This set has all of the third season shows, when it was very popular.  There are not extras, which is a shame.  They rush out a lot of these TV sets without bothering to put many extras. It's a shame for fans, who are grateful to have the shows but would prefer to have more extras such as interviews, commentary, out-takes, and behind-the-scenes shorts.  Are you listening, Universal? Give us more extras!

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Updated 2/26/06


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