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Review by Suzanne 5/28/07

American Pastime

American Pastime DVD cover

"American Pastime" is a great film about a Japanese family in an internment camp in Arizona during World War II. The father and sons love baseball. There is also a caucasion family, the sergeant at the camp and his wife and daughter.  The father also loves baseball. At first they don't recognize their similarities, of course, but eventually baseball makes them realize they are all Americans and not that different.

That's a simplistic description. It's a really interesting movie because you don't often see any depiction of what happened in those camps. It's educational and anyone of any age should enjoy it. It was not predictable, though, in the least, and had fine acting and writing. Parts were a little slow for my taste, but not so bad that I had to fast-forward through anything.

It stars many Asian and Asian-American actors, plus Gary Cole (whom you will recognize from many movies and TV shows), and Sarah Drew (who played Hannah in "Everwood").  The cast does a superb job of bringing this to life.

I don't want to give away the story, but we follow the lives of this Japanese family and a few others, as they make their lives in this camp, and there is a lot of baseball played, and of course also some romance. It is a very good film that everyone should see. I really enjoyed watching it.

There are two featurettes, one about the making of the movie, and a trailer for the movie. It is a good disk to have. I advise you to buy it now!

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Updated 5/28/07 


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