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Alias - The Complete First Season (2002) and The Complete Second Season
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 Alias Seasons One and Two (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne 8/6/04

I started watching Alias when it first started, but there were a lot of shows I liked, so I started taping it and then never got around to "catching up", along with many other shows. I picked it up again toward the end of the second season and have been watching ever since.  I put the first season DVD on my Christmas list and received it, so I watched it as fast as I could. I really love the show.  It is not as good as Buffy but better than La Femme Nikita.  Sure, it is a little far-fetched sometimes, but anyone who watches action-adventure shows is used to that.

The actors do a great job, with no exceptions.  The story can sometimes be convoluted but, like The X-Files, it doesn't really matter because the important part is the relationship between the guy and the girl, and how they try to have a normal life amid all the chaos.

Even my mother-in-law, who started watching it when I was watching Season two on DVD, got into it and says she really likes it. That's because it's great drama. It is not predictable, the dialogue is clever and the people are intriguing.

The first 2 seasons were mainly about how Sydney tried to bring down SD-6.  She and Vaughn were just friends in the first season but started developing something more going into season 2.  By the end of the third season they were in love, but we all know things don't go as planned when it comes to romance on TV...

I had to return the first set of disks that I received (through because some of the disks skipped.  They were happy to  replace them and I have never seen any other problems with their disks.  The set has many "extras" that are fun to watch.

With the season two disks, I had seen a lot more of the episodes, so I just rented the few that I needed to watch, through Season two gets a lot more complicated as they tried to top themselves.  Interesting guest stars started to appear, and Syd's mother was more involved.  The season's ending episode was a real shocker.  Syd figured out that her roommate was really a spy and had tried to kill Will.  She had a big fight with her that demolished her apartment (so much for that set!).  Syd woke up in China and was told it was 5 years later.   Then she finds out that Vaughan is married.  That may be the best cliffhanger in the history of television.

I do intend to buy the second set of disks for my collection, and then of course the third. I can hardly wait for season 4!

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Updated 7/5/05  


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