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Alf - Season 2

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Alf - Season Two (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne  9/30/05

There's no question, ALF was a funny show.  It was meant for families to enjoy together, so for every lame kid's joke, there are some that adults can enjoy, too.  In this season, ALF gets even chattier, and the relationship between him and Willie gets more developed.

The only real extra is an ALF cartoon (which only true fans should watch).  The menus are funny, just like in the first set.

Unfortunately, just like the first set, the episodes were taken from the syndication versions of the show, which means parts were cut out to make room for commercials. That's no big deal if you're a casual fan, but if you're a collector or a real fan, it might upset you.  Personally I would not want to pay good money for shows that have been cut up, especially if they are shows that I know well enough to miss those parts.

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Updated 9/30/05  


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