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ALF Season One

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 ALF, Season One  (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne 8/19/04

ALF is a sitcom about a family that plays hosts to a furry Alien Life Form (ALF). The father, Willy, is kind of a geek who listens to ham radio in the hopes of picking up intelligent life signals from other planets. In the pilot, he hears a signal from ALF and then ALF's ship crashes into their roof. ALF is both a description of what he is (Alien Life Form) and the nickname they give him. His real name is Gordon Shumway, which we learn in later episodes. ALF is played by a muppet. He is no innocent like Mork. He cracks a lot of sarcastic jokes and insults. Like all sitcoms, especially ones aimed at kids, ALF has a good heart and learns to love the family, and they him.

Although ALF debuted in 1986, the shows are not dated and can be enjoyed by anyone. The production company clearly put a lot of work into making this a good show. It is a quality production in every way that I could see. ALF is funny, if often silly, but mostly enjoyable. Kids and families loved this show while it aired, from 86-90. I know it was loved around the world because in 1995, long after it went off the air, I was traveling in Europe and saw ALF on every channel, in every language.

ALF is a lovable rascal who gets into a lot of trouble, and the family has to bail him out. Unlike Mork, who was able to go out and explore the world as a human, ALF has to be hidden from the world because of his short, furry, very alien appearance. That creates a lot of conflict for him and for the family.

The DVD has lots of fun features. Normally if you put in a DVD, theme music plays while the menu comes up where you can select the episode or other features. on the ALF DVD, a little mini-movie comes up with ALF talking about the DVD. When you go to the menu of the episodes, you can either select the show or you can select another icon. ALF comes on and gives you a little recap of what the show is about.

The ALF DVD has the original pilot episode, which apparently never aired. There is also a gag/outtakes reel and ALF trivia facts. This 4-disk set is well worth the money for any ALF fan.

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