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Review by Suzanne 11/14/06

Adventures of Superman - The Complete Fifth and Sixth Seasons

It's great to finally get this show on DVD after all these years. I was not born yet when they aired, but I watched them in reruns when I was a kid and really loved them. I even collected the bubble gum trading cards from the show (not sure why they had those 20 years later, but they did, for some reason). I have always loved Superman in comics and all other forms. This was the first real TV Superman. There was a movie serial Superman that they did run on TV later, and of course cartoon Supermans later on as well. This was the first and best Superman TV series. It was very successful and ran for many years. It would have run longer except for the suicide of the star George Reeves, which brought his life and the show to a tragic end. He was a good actor and had trouble being "only" Superman, not knowing the effect that he would have on so many lives "just" being Superman.

Anyway, it's a great show and, while the black and white episodes are good, it's great to see the color episodes as well. I look forward to the next set of Superman DVD's to add to my collection.

This disk set could be better...they crammed two seasons into one set and only have one special feature (interview with Jack Larson "Jimmy Olsen"). I hope in the future they come out with a better set, with a nicer DVD box cover and more features. Buy this and maybe they will do it once they find out how many Superman fans there are out there!

It is worth getting the set to have these episodes, since they rarely show them on TV any more. If you are under 40, don't expect great special effects. This show is not about that. It was created 14 years before Star Trek, 25 years before the first Star Wars movie, just to give you a perspective. The stories and acting are good and worth watching even now, for both kids and adults.

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Updated 11/14/06 


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