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Adam-12 - Season One

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Adam-12 - Season One (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne  8/30/05

This is one of the few police shows that shows regular patrol cops as they go about their day.  It is very realistic. I really can't think of any other police show that doesn't have detectives or some other unusual type of cop in the show.  Maybe they think that being on patrol is boring.  This show sure was not boring.

Malloy and Reed were not only great role models, but they were interesting characters.    Malloy was the older copy showing the younger cop, Reed, how to be a good cop, and keeping him out of trouble.  We only occasionally saw anything to do with their personal lives, unlike most shows.  It was all about the job. 

The show was created by Dragnet's Jack Webb, but I feel this show is even more realistic than Dragnet.  The cops sure were more human-seeming than Joe Friday ever was.

Too bad there are no extras. I know both actors are still around (I met them a few years ago), so I can't imagine they wouldn't have loved to participate in this.  What a shame! I look forward to more seasons of this great show coming out.

This was the 60's, so don't expect blood, gore, or much violence.  It's not that kind of show.

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