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24 Season One

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 24 Season One

  Review by Suzanne 1/12/05

This is a great show. It's full of practically non-stop action.  The writing is first-rate.  The plot twists and turns in interesting ways.  The acting is terrific.  I am really enjoying watching the past seasons, which I taped but never had time to watch, on DVD.  If you haven't watched this show, do yourself a favor and buy it or rent it.

The DVD has extras, but at first I couldn't find them because they are not mentioned anywhere in the packaging.  There is an alternate ending, which personally I liked better than the real one.  They also have the executive producer, Joel Surnow, discussing why they shot an alternate ending.  The only other extra is a short with Kiefer Sutherland talking about the show's first and second seasons.  I hope the other DVD sets come with more features than this.

On most DVD's, they divide the episodes up into scenes so you can skip ahead to scenes.  This comes in handy if you are watching it and have to stop, and you want to pick it up where you left off.  This DVD does not have it divided up into scenes, so there is no scene menu and if you press the skip button, it just goes back to the menu.  Very annoying! It means you have to fast-forward to find where you left off. Also, I like to watch the show with sub-titles, and every time I went to a new episode, I had to put the subtitled feature back on.  Other than these things, I have no complaints.  The packaging is great and the show is fantastic.

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Updated 6/30/05  


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