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Tommy and a police car 

Review of "Tommy" 2/15/20 by Suzanne
airs Thursdays 10/9c on CBS 

Edie Falco ("The Sopranos" and "Nurse Jackie") plays a tough lesbian cop Abigail Thomas (Tommy for short) who's appointed the new police commissioner in L.A. after the previous administration was busted for corruption and sex crimes.  She's the first female police chief in L.A.City. In real life, there hasn't been one in the city, although there are 7 female police chiefs in L.A. County. There female police chiefs in Seattle, Atlanta, Dallas, Oakland, Honolulu, Portland, Phoenix, and a few other large cities. However, there's never been one in the cities of Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, or Miami. Most other large cities in the U.S. have had female police chiefs (which I didn't know).  Anyway, in this series, it's treated like a big deal. She has to be more than just a cop, but she also wants to be more than just a figure head.  She has some challenges to face, such as sexism and corruption. She works for the Mayor, who's a bit of an idiot (Thomas Sadoski, "Life in Pieces").  We learn that she has a daughter, whom she's not very close to, and a grand-daughter.

Her first hurdle is to intervene when a patrolman arrests a young Latina woman that ICE wants to arrest and deport. ICE (usually the bad guys in TV shows nowadays) follows her little girl until she gets to her mom, and the patrolman, who knows the woman, rescues her from ICE.  Tommy defuses the situation but sees a mystery in the woman and the way everyone is treating her.  The only thing I didn't like is that there's no mention of the fact that L.A. is a sanctuary city. ICE does still arrest immigrants in sanctuary cities, but I don't think it would be that abnormal for the police to refuse cooperation with ICE.

Anyway, the show is exciting and worth watching.


Multiple Emmy Award-winner Edie Falco stars in TOMMY as a former high-ranking NYPD officer who becomes the first female chief of police for Los Angeles. A true blue New Yorker, Abigail “Tommy” Thomas uses her unflinching honesty and hardball tactics to keep social, political and national security issues from hindering effective law enforcement in the Southland. Equal parts political, procedural and family drama, TOMMY comes from Paul Attanasio, the creator of BULL and “Homicide: Life on the Street.”



Series premieres Thursday, Feb. 6 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.



Thursdays (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT)


New York


Drama (Filmed in HD)


Edie Falco

(Abigail “Tommy” Thomas)


Michael Chernus

(Ken Rosey)


Adelaide Clemens

(Blake Sullivan)


Thomas Sadoski

(Buddy Gray)


Russell G. Jones

(Donn Cooper)


Olivia Lucy Phillip

(Kate Jones)


Joseph Lyle Taylor

(Doug Dudik)


Vladimir Caamaño

(Abner Diaz)


CBS Television Studios in association with Atelier Paul Attanasio and Amblin Partners


Paul Attanasio, Darryl Frank, Justin Falvey, Tom Szentgyorgyi, Christine Moore and Kate Dennis (pilot only)

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Michael Chernus





Thomas Sadoski




Adelaide Clemens




Olivia Lucy Phillip




Vladimir Caamaño





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