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Lia interviews Terry Hilkins 

Review of "Limetown" 10/19/19 by Suzanne
airs Wednesdays at 12 p.m. PT/3 p.m. ET on Facebook Watch

This is a compelling drama about a woman, Lia (Jessica Biel), that's using all of her detective skills to find out what happened to the people of a town who disappeared. Her uncle, Emile (Stanley Tucci) was one of the people. She has a podcast about solving mysteries, so she's always recording everything.

I found it to be a little slow at times, but not so slow that I wanted to give up on it. Jessica Biel is always great; she really makes us feel for her character. She's so beautiful, but I guess they always try to make her look plain for these series that she's in, so that she can look like Everywoman. They give her an ugly haircut and minimal makeup. I guess they don't think we'll take her seriously otherwise.

Based on a successful 2015 podcast, this one is a very good mystery and worth watching.


Based on the hit podcast of the same name produced by Two Up ("36 Questions," "The Wilderness"), Limetown follows Lia Haddock, a journalist for American Public Radio (APR), as she unravels the mystery behind the disappearance of over 300 people at a neuroscience research facility in Tennessee.
· Jessica Biel as Lia Haddock
· John Beasley
· Kelly Jenrette
· Louis Ferreira
· Marlee Matlin
· Rekha Sharma as Sadia Latifi
· Sherri Saum as Gina
· Stanley Tucci
· Adrienne Erickson as PROD
· André Nemec as EP
· Jeff Pinkner as EP
· Jessica Biel as EP
· Josh Appelbaum as EP
· Michelle Purple as EP
· Scott Rosenberg as EP
· Skip Bronkie as CRTR/EP
· Zack Akers as CRTR/EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (single-camera)
· Endeavor Content
· Iron Ocean Productions
· Midnight Radio

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