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Keeping Faith 

Review of "Keeping Faith Season 2" 8/26/19 by Suzanne
Premieres on Acorn August 30

I had never heard of or seen this show, so I went back and watched some of the first season before watching the second season. Acorn was kind enough to send me some DVD's of their shows to review.

I was happy to watch it because I just love Eve Myles, who stars in it. She was so awesome in "Torchwood." Apparently the series was shown in Wales, in Welsh, and it was "the most-watched Welsh series in more than a quarter of a century," so that's impressive.

I think there are 3 things that made it successful. For one thing, it has Welsh actors in a Welsh setting. You'd be surprised how rare this is. I watching another show recently, that took place in Wales, but it was about English people, so that was very strange. I think some of the Welsh people took great offense at this. For another thing, it has some really good suspenseful writing with a plot that twists and turns. Even though it involves lawyers and criminals, Faith and her family are relatable as real people. And finally, the acting is outstanding.

The show's heroine, Faith Howells (Eva Myles) has to cope with her husband Evan's sudden disappearance in the first season. There are many twists and turns. Faith and Evan are lawyers who share a practice as well as a family.

There are quite a few shows lately where a man or woman has to track down their missing spouse and then finds out all sorts of horrible things. One show was "The Widow," where Kate Beckinsdale played the woman who thought her husband was dead, but then she saw him on TV.  Another one was "White Dragon," with John Simm (The Master on "Doctor Who") as a man who finds out that his wife is disappeared or worse. Both shows were on Amazon and featured spouses who had to look for clues and find out all sorts of horrible things. I guess it's a trend right now in some TV shows.

Evan turned up at the end of the first season, so this season, we see that he's in jail.  Faith is representing a woman who's accused of killing her husband.  She has to deal with that trial as well as the possibility of her husband's return, and other issues. 

The scenery is very beautiful, so that's an added bonus to the show.  You should check this out when it debuts this week on Acorn! There are many fine British and other shows on this streaming service.


Friday, August 30

KEEPING FAITH, Series 2 (Acorn TV Original)


The BBC Wales international sensation returns. Series 1 told the story of lawyer, wife and mother Faith (Eve Myles, Victoria, Broadchurch) as she fought to find the truth behind the sudden disappearance of her husband, Evan. She comes to discover that her beautiful, idyllic hometown, set on the estuary, harbors many dark secrets that threaten the lives of Faith and her family. In series 2, Faith and her family reel from the dramatic aftermath of Series 1. The first season garnered a 20-year ratings’ high when it debuted on BBC Wales and proved a record-breaker on BBC iPlayer, with nearly 20 million requests to view - the highest ever number recorded for any non-network show. (6 EPS)


First Season description: Award-winning actress Eve Myles (Torchwood) stars in this BBC thriller as Faith Howells, a lawyer with a happy marriage until her husband suddenly disappears. As Faith becomes the police's prime suspect, her search for the truth leads her to the criminal underbelly of her quiet town. Filmed along the stunning Welsh coast, this suspense-filled mystery also stars Mark Lewis Jones (Stella).

About Acorn TV: Called a “glorious streaming service… an essential must-have” (The Hollywood Reporter) and “Netflix for the Anglophile” (NPR), Acorn TV is North America’s largest streaming service specializing in British and international television from AMC Networks privately owned subsidiary RLJ Entertainment. Acorn TV adds exclusive new programs every week with a deep library of mysteries, dramas, and comedies with no set end dates or commercials. Subscribers can stream many of their favorite international series and discover new and classic programs previously unavailable to U.S. audiences. In 2019, Acorn TV features several commissioned series including British crime drama London Kills, fun British mystery Queens of Mystery and the final Series 2 movie of Agatha Raisin; new episodes of fan favorites Line of Duty from Jed Mercurio, British sensation Doc Martin, Welsh sensation Keeping Faith, medical drama The Good Karma Hospital, Paul Abbott’s No Offence, Aussie dramedy The Heart Guy, and Canadian hit Murdoch Mysteries; along with several new series, including British crime drama Manhunt, Lucy Lawless’s My Life is Murder, BBC One Wales family drama Pitching In, New Zealand crime drama Straight Forward and Dutch drama The Oldenheim Twelve; and a growing catalog of popular bingeable dramas A Place to Call Home, Blood, Mystery Road, Detectorists, Jack Irish, George Gently, and Foyle’s War; among much more. Acorn TV is available via Apple TV, Roku, iOS, Chromecast, Amazon Fire, Comcast/Xfinity, Android, among many other devices and offers a free trial and thereafter is just $4.99/month or $49.99/year. Facebook: OfficialAcornTV - Twitter @AcornTV

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