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Review of "The Good Bandit" AKA "Un Bandido Honorado" 9/1/18 by Suzanne
airs now on Netflix

This Colombian comedy is in Spanish, but you can watch it with English subtitles.  I know that watching something with subtitles requires extra work and concentration, but I urge you to try it because this funny little series is worth it.

This is a farce about a mobster, Emilio Ortega (Diego Vásquez) who has to go straight. While in prison, he has a freak accident and dies.  He meets God and St. Jude (his favorite saint), who tells him that he can get his life back as long as he is honest from now on (meaning no more being a mobster,  lying, stealing, or cheating on his wife). His beautiful and long-suffering wife, Milena (Carolina Acevedo) is all for his redemption.  She's probably the only one who supports him taking the path of righteousness because she's religious, too, and thinks it's a good idea (as most wives would).

His lawyer, Natalia (Norma Nivia, is also beautiful, but she doesn't want to stop having their affair. After she gets him out of jail, he resists all of her advances.  His business partners and other co-workers think he's crazy or that he's not serious, but they soon come to know that he's telling the truth about staying on the straight and narrow path.  His teenaged son is not happy when they have to give up their wealth and nice house to pay for his debts.

I intended to only watch one episode, but I really enjoyed it, so I watched a few more. I may end up binging the whole thing. It's funny, and the characters are very interesting. You really want him to succeed in his new business, to show everyone that he can be an honest man.  Check it out!


A near-death experience spurs a feared drug lord to leave behind his life of crime and infidelity, to the disbelief of everyone close to him.

The Good Bandit (Spanish: Un Bandido Honrado) is a Colombian telenovela produced and broadcast by Caracol Televisión, it premiered on June 10, 2019. It stars Diego Vásquez and Carolina Acevedo, along with the antagonistic participation of Norma Nivia, Felipe Calero and Andrés Toro.

A funny story that follows the adventures of the drug kingpin repentant, willing to change his life to get away from the crimes and sins of the past. This story, full of humor, will tell the situations that a bandit must live who wants to learn to be good. Your path to redemption will be complicated, because you must make a great effort to get away from the temptations that the world brings out of the law.

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