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Thomas, Press and Cromer

Review of "Everything's Going To Be Okay" 1/21/20 by Eva Diaz
airs Thursdays, 8/7c on ABC

This show is about Nicholas (played by series creator and comedian Josh Thomas) a young man who has to take care of his two half-sisters Matilda (Kayla Cromer), who is autistic, and Genevive (Maeve Press), after their father dies of pancreatic cancer. Nicholas must become the sole caregiver for the girls while he gets to know them, since he only saw them when visiting his father. The girls are both in high school; their mother also died, a few years earlier. Nickolas is still young himself and must balance his responsabilities as the girls' guardian with his own life. The show has truly heartwarming momments but also deals with very adult sexual subjects. That's why I recommend that if you have teens younger than 17, that you watch it with them to explain the adult themes in the show. What I enjoyed most about the show is watching the relationship between the siblings build and get stronger as the episodes progress. That is the best part of this show.

Thomas noticed that girls and women with autisim are not seen often on TV, so he created the character of Matilda. I think this show is well written and enjoyable. I really wish it didn't include as much of the sexual situations I mentioned, and I really think it should be on another network other than Freeform. My hope is that in future episodes, they will focus less on the sexual topics and more on the girls dealing with how hard high school can be to navigate without a mother or a father to talk to about their problems. The show at times will make you cry, so have the Kleenex ready. It also has really funny moments. This show is worth watching, so I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.


Freeform Promises ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Okay,’ With Series Premiere on Thursday, Jan. 16

Freeform announces Josh Thomas’ return to television with “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay,” premiering THURSDAY, JAN. 16.

 Critically acclaimed for his series “Please Like Me,” Thomas once again takes on a multifaceted role as creator, writer, executive producer and star of the 30-minute comedy, which introduces Nicholas (Josh Thomas), a neurotic twenty-something-year-old visiting his dad and teenage half-sisters, one of whom is on the autism spectrum. When Nicholas’ trip is extended due to his father’s untimely death, the siblings are left to cope with not only a devastating loss, but also the realization that Nicholas is the one who will have to rise to the occasion, move in, and hold it all together. A first-look clip wherein Nicholas proposes guardianship of his sisters, Matilda and Genevieve, is available here.

Navigating autism, budding sexuality, consent, parenthood, adolescence, family and grief, the heartfelt comedy will follow this imperfect family as they discover the importance of finding happiness in the middle of really difficult moments, one awkward conversation at a time.

Neurodiverse actress and activist Kayla Cromer stars as Matilda, a high school senior who is driven to succeed and on the autism spectrum. She is Nicholas’ bright and outgoing half-sister who is curious and contemplative; if she doesn’t initially understand something, she’ll put in the work to figure it out. 17-year-old stand-up comedienne Maeve Press stars as Genevieve, Nicholas’ other half-sister who has a unique comedic sensibility; she is clever, dramatic and definitely a little weird. At school she’s at odds with her authentic self, hanging around a group of girls who sharply contrast her kind-hearted family and struggling to find her place in the world. Newcomer Adam Faison rounds out the cast of series regulars as Alex, Nicholas’ romantic interest introduced in the first episode.

Stephanie Swedlove and Kevin Whyte also serve as executive producers, with David Martin, Jon Thoday, and Richard Allen-Turner executive producing for Avalon Television.

About Freeform

Freeform connects to audiences with bold original programming and immersive social engagement that moves the cultural conversation a little forward. As Walt Disney Television’s young adult television network, Freeform channels the force and momentum of its audience in its quest for progress with authentic, groundbreaking original series such as “grown-ish,” “The Bold Type,” “Good Trouble,” “Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists,” “Siren,” “Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger” and more. The network also programs tentpole events such as “31 Nights of Halloween,” “Kick Off to Christmas” and “25 Days of Christmas.” Upcoming original series include “Party of Five,” “Motherland” and “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay.”

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