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Archibald and family 

Review of "Archibald's Next Big Thing" 9/10/19 by Suzanne
airs now on Netflix

This is a kid's show, but it's very cute. Adults may enjoy it, too.  Archibald is part of a family of chickens.  He has adventures.  Silly and fantastic things happen to him as he explores new things.

This is a new Netflix series, based on some children's books written by actor Tony Hale (who also voices Archibald).  It is very family-friendly. You should check it out, especially if you have kids.


Inspired by the critically acclaimed children’s book from Tony Hale and Tony Biaggne, Archibald’s Next Big Thing follows the adventures of Archibald Strutter, a chicken who ‘yes-ands’ his way thru life. Though living in the moment often leads him astray, Archibald always finds his way back home. Executive produced by Tony Hale, the series is a fresh comedy about the importance of being present and celebrating the journey, not just the destination.

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