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Hardy and Vinall 

Review of "The Woman in White" 12/7/18 by Suzanne
airs Sundays, 10pm on PBS

I enjoyed watching this PBS miniseries, which is based on a popular mystery novel. Set in Victorian England, it starts out when a young artist, Walter (Ben Hardy), sees a woman wandering around at night, all dressed in white. The rest of the story is all about finding out who and where this woman is.  The artist, who's very attractive, falls for this other beautiful young woman, Laura (Olivia Vinall), who looks a lot like that woman he saw wandering around (they're both played by the same actress).  Then, strangely enough, he disappears for a while, and the story focuses more on Laura and her sister, Marian (Jessie Buckley).  The story gets very strange but stays intriguing.  The artist comes back later on; it has a satisfying ending for most of the characters.

Apparently, this adaptation is much more about women and how they were treated back then, than was the original story. It's very interesting.  Walter is a penniless artist, forced to instruct people in art in order to pay his way and to help support his mother.  Laura and Marian are young women from a good family, but they don't have the money they used to. Their uncle basically sells Laura into marriage, and she has little to say about it, being a woman.  Walter teaches Laura and Marian about art until it becomes clear that he and Laura have fallen in love, thus he's fired by the uncle.  The man Laura is to marry, Sir Percival (Dougray Scott), is a very obvious villain, but we don't know the extent of his black deeds until near the end of the story.  He has a friend, Count Fosco (Riccardo Scamarcio), who is also a villain, along with his wife.  The plot weaves around in an interesting way. You should watch it. I enjoyed it.


Combining, romance, intrigue, and danger, Wilkie Collins’ beloved mystery novel has taken generations of readers on a thrilling ride along the corridors of English country houses, and down into the dankest, deepest corners of the Victorian madhouse. This bold new adaptation by Fiona Seres retains the creeping atmosphere that has captured the imaginations of the book’s readers for over a century, while bringing a distinctly modern take to its striking female characters, its charismatic, formidable villains, and its gripping, labyrinthine plot. 

When Walter Hartright, a young drawing master, encounters a ghostly woman dressed all in white on a moonlit road on Hampstead Heath, he is drawn into a web of intrigue that will transform his life forever. Offering his assistance to this distressed, spectral woman, he is later shocked to discover that she had just escaped from a nearby insane asylum.

Shortly afterwards, Walter takes up a teaching position in the Cumbrian village of Limmeridge. There, he meets his pupils – the clever, bold Marian Halcombe, and the beautiful, sweet-natured Laura Fairlie.

Read more about the episodes below.


Episode 1 (Premiere Date: Oct. 21, 2018)

Walter Hartright encounters a mysterious woman.

Episode 2 (Premiere Date: Oct. 28, 2018)

Laura makes a confession and Sir Percival’s friend, Count Fosco, comes to visit.

Episode 3 (Premiere Date: Nov. 4, 2018)

Laura learns the truth about Sir Percival. Marian searches for answers.

Episode 4 (Premiere Date: Nov. 11, 2018)

Count Fosco and Sir Percival set their plan into motion.

Episode 5 (Premiere Date: Nov. 18, 2018)

Secrets are revealed, and Walter risks everything.

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