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Review of "Pitching In" 5/25/19 by Suzanne
Season One airs on Acorn

This is a charming drama (almost like a comedy) about a small area of Glan Mor in Wales (what we in the U.S. would call a trailer park) that has seen better days. The people there rally around retired widow Frank and his daughter, Carys, who's just moved back home. She plans to bring in more business to their little tourist area.

It has very likable and fun characters. There's drama between Frank and Carys, and between Carys and her ex-boyfriend (and his wife), and with her son, Dylan. Also, former Disney star Hayley Mills plays a realtor who wants Frank to sell Glan Mor.

I read that some people in Wales were upset that the show features British people with British accents, rather than Welsh people. Well, as an American, I'm glad it was British people because the Welsh, from what I've seen, have very thick accents. I wouldn't have been able to understand them.

Check it out if you like quaint British series like "The Durrells of Corfu" and the like.


Larry Lamb leads cast of TV favourites for new BBC drama Pitching In

Gavin and Stacey stars, Larry Lamb (Michael Shipman) and Melanie Walters (Gwen West) are set for a television reunion in a new Wales-based drama which will hit television screens in spring 2019.

They are set to take centre stage in Pitching In, a new family drama for BBC One Wales and BBC One Daytime.

Set around a caravan park on the north Wales coast, Pitching In tells the story of three generations of the same family, all struggling to make the best of a very unusual - and sometimes very difficult - situation.

Pitching In will be made by the highly acclaimed LA Productions (Broken, Moving On). Written by Johanne McAndrew and Elliot Hope, it will also feature an all-star cast including Hayley Mills, Caroline Sheen and Ifan Huw Dafydd.

Larry Lamb says: “Eleven years after Gavin and Stacey burst onto the scene I’m heading out west again, switching Barry Island for Anglesey this time! I’m delighted to be playing the role of Frank in Pitching In - it’s a touching, funny and romantic story and a fascinating glimpse of life on the north Wales coast.”

BBC Cymru Wales' Head of Commissioning, Nick Andrews says: “We all need more ‘feel good’ in our lives and this warm family drama promises to be just that. Pitching In is a comedy drama about family, friendship and community, which will showcase the beauty of north Wales.”

BBC Controller of Programming and Daytime, Dan McGolpin says: “Hot on the heels of their RTS award for Moving On, this is a new drama from LA Productions and also a new collaboration with BBC Wales. It’s a welcome addition to the BBC Daytime drama slate and our audience are going to enjoy getting to know these naturally funny characters and their life struggles in the beautiful countryside of north Wales.”

Colin McKeown from LA Productions says: “Pitching In provides an audience with a lovely feeling of wellbeing and hopefully provides a warm smile.”

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