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Mental Samurai 

Review of "Mental Samurai" 3/25/19 by Eva Diaz
airs Tuesdays 8:00pm on FOX

I love game shows, so if a new one comes on that looks interesting, I watch it. "Mental Samurai" is interesting! The contestants have five minutes to answer twelve questions, which are asked by a computer named Ava.  The contestants are sitting inside a capsule and are moved around from question to question.  If the contestants answer the twelve questions in time, they win ten thousand dollars.  The contestants then move on to answer one last question for a chance to win one hundred thousand dollars.  The catch of the show is that if the contestants get one question wrong in the first round, they lose and go home with nothing. 

The questions seem easy, but the time limit to answer them is what often makes the contestants get the answer wrong.  Rob Lowe is a good host for the show. I just wish they gave him more to do, since he doesn't ask the questions.  He's only there to cheer on the contestants and tell them the right answer if they miss a question.  The contestants who answer all  twelve questions also get to return on the season finale for the tournament of champions

I like this show because it's fun to play along with the contestants and see if you can answer the questions in time.  I think that this show has everything that makes a good game show, and it'll be a big hit.  I give it show 5 out  of 5 stars  


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