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Lodge 49 main cast 

Review of "Lodge 49" 10/15/18 by Suzanne
airs Mondays on AMC

I binge-watched this show in September because I was scheduled to interview Bruce Campbell, who plays Gary on the show. At first, I thought it was a little too slow and weird, but then it grabbed me and kept my interested. You should definitely watch it because it's worth watching.

The show stars Wyatt Russell as Sean "Dud" Dudley, a Long Beach surfer who's had a tragic life in the past year and is having trouble dealing with it.  Dud appears to be happy and easy-going, but he's also got a lot of anger, which makes him more interesting. However, he does seem like a "Dud" at first. He has a sister who's trying to make a living and pay back their deceased father's debt.  He sponges off her, as siblings often do.

Wyatt's life changes when he finds a button from Lodge 49, a local chapter of the Ancient and Benevolent Order of the Lynx, similar to the Mason's or Elks' Lodge (except it allows women). Wyatt gets excited about the lodge and the meaning it brings to his life.  He meets Ernie, who becomes a friend and a sort of surrogate father.

The show is one part drama, and one part comedy, but it also has a little mysticism thrown in. It's just really good. The writing is fantastic, especially with regards to the characters. They seem like real people, yet better. They are quirky but not annoyingly so, like you might find in some sitcoms.  Most of the characters are working-class, which is something you don't find in too many TV shows.

In the show, Long Beach is not seen as the big city that it is in real life. It seems like a small town - a failing small town. The characters are "lovable losers" who have been beaten down by life, yet they find hope and redemption. Most of all, they find comfort in the friendships at Lodge 49. 

The show was renewed for a second season. Don't miss it!


My interview with Bruce Campbell, who plays Gary.

My interview with Brent Jennings (Ernie).

AMC announced today that it has greenlit a new drama series called Lodge 49, produced by Peter Ocko (Pushing Daisies, The Office), Jim Gavin (Author, Middle Men), Paul Giamatti (Billions, Sideways, Outsiders, Hoke), and Dan Carey (Outsiders, Hoke, John Dies At The End, All Is Bright) for AMC Studios. Ocko also serves as showrunner.

Written and created by Gavin, Lodge 49 is a modern fable set in Long Beach.  The series is centered on Dud, a deadbeat but charming ex-surfer who joins a fraternal order hoping to reclaim the simple, happy lifestyle he lost when his father died. Through the Lodge and his newfound connection with the other members, Dud will come to find the missing sense of purpose in his life and confront his deepest fears and greatest hopes. AMC has ordered ten one-hour episodes.

Lodge 49 is a show that defies easy categorization. It is, at once, a show about a loveable loser, the idea that life can be magical if you look at it from the right angle, what it means to be on the fringe, and the importance of community. It’s also incredibly funny, poignant and truly entertaining” said Joel Stillerman, President of Original Programming and Development for AMC and SundanceTV. “This is a formidable creative team beginning with series creator Jim Gavin, show runner Peter Ocko, and the awesome producing team of Dan Carey and Paul Giamatti.”

Paul Giamatti said, “We are beyond excited to be doing this unique show under the auspices of the fine folks at AMC.”

Other key characters featured in Lodge 49 include Liz Dudley, Dud’s twin sister and Ernie Fontaine, a middle-aged African American and long-time lodge member who welcomes him into this mysterious new world.

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